2019 New Games Electric Motorbike Kids Ride On Motorcycle

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Quick Detail of Electric Motorbike Kids Ride On Motorcycle
Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China (Mainland)            Brand Name:XTY Amusement
Number:  DL-Motorbike kids ride                                   Name:  Prince motorcycle(kids car)
Color:  Red, yellow, blue, purple, black                          Motor Power:  250W
Speed: 60-110 m/min, It can be adjustable.                   Quality:  AAA      
Material:Steel, Plastic                                                     Battery:  24V,20Ah   No.:2
Controlling system: Remote control                               Timer: 1-99 minutes/ can be set freely
Working Time:  180——240min/charge                         Players:Kids&Adults
Size:  135*60*72cm()                                                     Packing Size: 138*50*60cm
Weight:  45KG                                                                Maximum load:  160KGS

Description of Electric Motorbike Kids Ride On Motorcycle
Operated way
Remote control is normal way, coins operated or card system is accepted ,need to confirm it before order.
Suggest: remote control, easy operation and management, less broken rate

Speed adjustment
Players can adjust the speed via this button.
High speed:5km/h
Low speed:2km/h

Easy operation
Right handle is the throttle handle,just speed up it ,the motorcycle will go forward steadily , if you loose the handle, the motorcycle will stop .
Easy and safe way for kids !

Sound effect
- The right handle is whistling handle,it will have simulated sound like car"DI DI".
-When turn on the machines,it will turn on the music function,it can drive with your favorite music (There is a sd card inside,can download music in popular and local .)
-When drive the motorcycle,it will have "wu wu"driving sound.

Function of Motorbike Kids Ride On Motorcycle
1 Speed setting: fast/normal/slow
fast:150m/min   normal:110m/min   slow:83m/min
2 dump energy display
3 start node:remote control/coin operated/swipe card
4 Voice Prompt,with horn and music
5 Colourful led lights
6 Background all function settings

How to play Electric Motorbike Kids Ride On Motorcycle?
1. Start : remote control/swiping card, easy control
2. Please fasten your seatbelts for your own safety.Push rocker forward the machine running forward, rocker driving back the machine back,rocker rotate the machine to which sides, the  machine rotating the same ways.Clockwise rocker, the machine will also be clockwise rotate 360 °
3. Playing time for 5 to 30 minutes, can set it