Stuffed Toy Animals/Kids Rides On Toy/Animal Toys Cars For Shopping Mall

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Product details of Stuffed Toy Animals/Kids Rides On Toy/Animal Toys Cars For Shopping Mall
Product Type: Plush Toys Walking Animal Ride
Material: Steel frame, fireproof plush cover can be took off and washable
Animal designs : More than 80 animals
Color Available: Green,pink,purple,blue,red,black,orange,yellow etc
Size: Small/ Medium/ Large
Loading Capacity: 80KG/100KG(two kids can play together)/150KG(parents can play with kids)
Operated systerm: Coin operated or non coin operated optional
Features: Suitable for kids and adults, lighting, musical, remote control, speed adjustable, durable wheels, stable steel structures, skin easy to remove and wash
Counter: Up 1 time
Token: 1-9 pcs, 25mm diameter. Offer 30 pcs to each animal
Time: 1-40 times
Motor: 30W for S/M size;50W for L size
Battery: 12V12AH, rechargeable
Charger: 12V
Battery charging: 3-4 hours; can be used 5-6 hours
Music Configuration: SD card,can change the music which you like
Speed: 75m-100m/min, slower or faster can be adjusted
Wheel: Durable 120 PU wheel with LED lighting
Normal accessories: LED light,Forward and back ward switch
Backup accessories: Battery,charger,motor
Container loading capacity 20GP: 50pcs 
40GP: 110pcs
40HQ: 140pcs

FAQ of Stuffed Toy Animals/Kids Rides On Toy/Animal Toys Cars For Shopping Mall
Q: What is the difference about coin operated and non-coin operated animal rides?Which system is better ?
A: Coin operated kids’ animals: you need to insert coin to start the machine. You can set 1-9 coins to play 1-19 minutes.Normally 90% customers choose coin system, if they do the business in the shopping malls, game centers, amusement park and playground.
Non coin operated toy ride: It is not time controller. When press the button, it will go. When release the button, it will stop.Some clients choose non-coin zoo ride to rent them to the parties or buy for their kids.

Q: How to run power wheels ride on animal business?
A: 1.Put it shopping mall, park, game center or playground, rent a place
     2.Rent for party, meeting, advertising
     3.Resale and wholesale

Q: What kinds coins or tokens do power wheels ride on animal need?
A: The machine is installed a game coin acceptor. When you set a sample of coin or token in the coin acceptor, the machine can work when it identifies same coins or tokens.As long as the diameter of the token or coin is 25mm,you can use it.

Q: We want English songs with the power wheels ride on animal. 
A: There is a SD card; we can change the music as your request.

Q: Which kinds of ground power wheels ride on animal can work?
A: It can walk on any flat and smooth floor. Even some clients put them in the garden; they can also work well on the grass, though the speed will be a little slower.

Q: Precautions
A:1. Do not ride the plush animals in rainy weather in outdoor playground .Do not pour other liquids into the skin or coat .
2.A little baby had better ride on toy under the guidance of adults .
3.The battery shall be used same or same specifications ((12v, 20A/22Ah battery)
4.You shall charge the battery fully before running toy horse on wheels .
5.When animal toy ride is available and you want to move them ,please drive wheels off the ground to avoid the motor rotation,to avoid other spare parts damaging