12 seats 9D Cinema in Banglesh

 Cases   2018-11-23
Customers from Banglesh purchased DLight 12 seats 9D Theater as a personal business, he said that Guangzhou DLight motion theater are very popular in Banglesh.


                                               Income of 12 seats 9D Theater
  Ticket price Working time Conversion mode Income
/per ticket /per day
Every day $3 8   hours 12*3*8*60/15 $1,152
Every month $3 8   hours $1,152*30 $34,560
Every year $3 8   hours $34,560*12 $414,720
Note: the ticket price and working time can be made out by yourself or your local market.

9D interactive theater is the most advanced cinema theater system in the world. The platform is equipped with six-DOF platform. Plus vibration, sweeping, blowing, and stabbing. The audience can move with the video content and platform Together, the dynamic effect is stronger and the simulation is more true, give the audience a dynamic experience.